Questions to Ask Your Cake Artist

It's time to find a cake artist that will create a beautiful cake that fits your overall theme/decor and color palette and on top of that you want it to taste good too. Here are some great questions to ask before booking your tasting:

1. What cake flavors do you offer? Make sure they offer the flavor you have your heart set on or ask if they can do something custom if you have a flavor in mind that is not typical.

2. Do you work with fondant or buttercream or both? Some bakers specialize in fondant, while others prefer buttercream and some do both. If you have your heart set on one type of frosting, confirm your baker can work with it.

3. Can you make sugar flowers or even something more customized than that? If I want fresh flowers will you work with my florist or planner on this? Most bakers can create sugar flowers and some even create custom designs, it's truly amazing what they can do. Take a look at their website and on social media to see pictures of their past work so you can get an idea of what's possible. Most cake artists will partner with your florist if you want fresh flowers on your cake.

4. How does pricing work? Some bakers price per person and some have set pricing based on size, find out how they do it. Keep in mind pricing is based on the cost to make the cake but the main cost if based on the labor that goes into decorating your cake, the more complex the more labor thus the higher the cost.

5. Do you provide or rent out cake stands? It's great if you can get a cake stand from them, just remember it must be returned. Sometimes if you are renting other decor from a rental company for the reception it may be easier to get a cake stand from them as it's one less thing to be returned to a separate supplier, especially if you are paying for delivery and pickup this just saves you time overall. All this being said your baker may also have a better selection, look at your options and decide from there.

6. Do you provide delivery? Most bakers will provide delivery for any extra fee, if your cake is more complex we recommend you get them to deliver it/set it up upon arrival as they know how to transport it properly and they are liable should anything happen in transport, if you or a family member picks it up and something happens it's on you not them.

7. Does your baker have a licensed kitchen? This may seem like a silly question but some venues actually won't allow outside cakes unless it comes from a licensed kitchen due to liability issues. This means that family members like grandma can not make the cake.

Also, keep in mind many bakers offer so much more than just cakes; you can get macaroons, cupcakes, cookies, and so much more.

We have some very talented cake artists that will be at Engaged, introducing:

Bake My Day

Cake by Sarah Jane

Whippt Desserts

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Happy Engagement,

<3 Monica and Jasmine

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