Tips to finding the PERFECT Wedding Dress or Suit

Ready to find your Wedding Dress or Suit, we are here to help? Here are some tips to make sure it's fun and not stressful searching for the perfect wedding attire:

1. Don't book your appointment at the end of the day - The early bird or in this case Bride or Groom does get the worm. The later in the day you book the more appointments your consultant has been through to wear them out but also it's typically busier later in the day/evening. Go early and have a great experience, not to say you'll have a bad one later on but if you want a more personalized experience there is a better chance of that earlier in the day, especially with big boutiques.

2. Do figure out what style or silhouette fits YOUR body type best - Please be open minded and try on dresses or suits that you may not have pictured. Once you figure out which silhouette suits you best you can move forward with your final decision, there is no point in trying to make your final decision between a mermaid and ball gown, before really narrowing it down you should want one or the other.

3. Make sure your both looking good from the waist up - Remember that even though your dress train or hemmed pants look great, the main focus for all photos and of guests is from the waist up so make sure the dress has gorgeous details and the suit or tux details stand out on your upper half as well, no one is staring at the ground around your feet anyways.

4. Don't pick your attire because it's trendy now - Just because something is trendy now does not mean it will stand the test of time. Your attire should be timeless but more importantly YOU. If you feel sexy, glamorous and like the best version of yourself you found the one.

5. Do try on as many dresses as needed, while still not trying on TOO many - Girls there is a fine line between too many and not enough. You need to try on enough to see some start to shape and compliment your body but not enough that it's becoming a full time career to find a dress. If you feel overwhelmed, you have tried on too many dresses.

Want help from some amazing vendors? Check out Blush and Raven Bridal Boutique or Eli Custom Suits at Engaged to help you find the perfect attire.

Happy Engagement,

<3 Monica + Jasmine

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