Things your Makeup Artist wants you to know!

As you all know when it comes to Wedding Vendors you get what you pay for, booking a makeup artist and/or hair stylist is no different. Please do yourself a favor as well as your mom and bridesmaids and hire a professional. Yes you will always have that friend of a friend that could do it and they MAY do a good job but is that a chance you are wiling to take? What if they don't show up on time, have the wrong products, their brushes are dirty, etc? Girl, it's your Wedding Day you deserve to be pampered and so do your girls, hire a professional that will help you look your very best while also giving you a stress free experience, you don't need added stress before you say "I Do".

Here are some things to think about and things your Makeup Artist wishes you knew:

1. Come with a clean face - that's for both your trial and the morning of the Wedding. That means no foundation, no mascara, no primer, nothing. Speak to your makeup artist to confirm but generally they want you to have a clean face. In the days leading up to the Wedding make sure you are moisturizing your face and lips, as you don't want a dry face or cracked lips on the Wedding Day. Another tip is feel free to get a facial or similar procedure but do it 7+ days before the Wedding in case you have a reaction, it would be terrible if you got one 2 days before and your face still had not fully healed.

2. Silence, please - Your makeup artist isn't trying to be rude but try to get the conversation out of the way, for the most part, at the beginning of the appointment because when she is applying your mascara, eyeliner or lips a moving face is not helpful.

3. Speak Up When it Counts - Your Makeup Artist wants you to be happy at the end of the day so speak up if you don't like something or you think it's not you. Give a little grace in the middle of the application as you may want to see how it all comes together before speaking up as you may like it in the end. Don't walk away with regret, be kind but let her know your thoughts. This is why trials are so so so important, please get one, this is where you can speak your mind and make changes so your Wedding goes flawlessly.

4. Show your Artist some Inspiration Pictures - A picture is worth a thousand words and if you have some examples of what you want for both hair and makeup that can be helpful. Please narrow it down for your artist though, don't give too many inspiration pictures as you will overwhelm yourself and the artist, use your mom or bridesmaids to help you narrow down the best look(s). Keep in mind that your face, your skin and even your hair is very different than for the most part any picture you chose so understand that no matter how hard they try the look can not be replicated, again it's an inspiration photo.

5. Make Time for Touch Ups - If possible plan for some time before the reception to one put your feet up quickly but secondly touch up your look; you can add a little powder, blot your face and reapply your lipstick to make sure your look is on point for the reception to come.

Have more questions or need to find a hair and makeup team of your own? Great well we have two amazing Hair and Makeup Artists at Engaged on Feb 24th. Introducing:

Lilies & Lace Beauty Co.

Something Borrowed Beauty

These two wonderfully talented companies will be in the Salon area at Engaged offering mini trials of hair and makeup at the show so you can see what they can do, you can book yours on our website, spots are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Happy Engagement,

<3 Monica + Jasmine

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