How to choose the RIGHT Wedding Photographer!

You just got engaged, congratulations, now what? First things first sit down and create a guest list and budget (stay tuned for tips on how to go about this realistically). After that it’s time to find a venue that fits your style, guest list and budget (again we will help you with that, stay tuned) that is available at the time of year you are looking, you will most likely have to book far in advance as the great venues book far in advance, obviously there is a reason for that. Now you have chosen your wedding date and venue, it’s time to look into vendors now.

How do you go about choosing a Photographer? There are so many of them, how do you even begin to narrow it down? Here are some tips on how you should go about choosing them:

  1. Style – Of course you need to like their style, every photographer shoots and edits a little differently, just like when shopping for clothing different articles of clothing speak to each of us differently, it’s the same for a photographers style, you either love it or you don’t.

  2. Personality – You should definitely like your photographer and jive on a personal level they will be in your face on your wedding day, you better make sure you like them as a person

  3. Package – What’s included in the package, is it a 8 hour or 10 hour day? How do photos get delivered and how long after your wedding? Do you get an album? Do you get an Engagement session? Look at what you get for the price and prioritize what’s important to you. They are going to cost more than you probably expected but guess what their worth it and you get what you pay for, if you don’t end up liking your photos you can’t redo your day so spend the money, you won’t regret it.

Finally we have some fabulous Wedding Photographers that will be at Engaged on Feb 24th, they were hand picked so trust us they know what they are doing and they all offer a different style, visit the professionals page on our website to see who we picked and check out their websites.

Here is a list below as well, take a look at their websites and social media:

Victoria Blaire (Event Sponsor)

Abby Plus Dave

Emily Exon

Matt Lowden

Studio Lumen

Tara Whittaker

Now you have your Photographer onto booking the next vendor.

Happy Engagement,

<3 Monica + Jasmine

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