The purpose of the Engaged Experience is to create a setting that will guide couples through every step of their wedding planning journey.

You will see vendors in the order you should be booking them, and by the end of your time at Engaged you could have planned your entire wedding!


When you arrive the first thing you'll do is check in and get your Engaged Guide.

It's a local planning guide that includes average costs for Calgary and the Rockies, planning tips, templates and most importantly a directory of all the vendors you will meet. This means you don't have to take home a bag full of business cards!


Photo booths are fun! We've given you a few opportunities to see a few different styles of photos booths and decide which one you and your guests will enjoy on your wedding day.


A band or string trio is a wonderful choice for music for your wedding especially if you are trying to create atmosphere and do something a little different than the typical. You'll get to hear a few different live music options throughout the day.


You might think you need to pick a date and book a venue before hiring a planner, but you'd be wrong. Working with a planner from the very first step ensures that your whole plan from "yes" to "back to the hotel jeeves" is cohesive, simple, efficient and results in a perfect wedding day


Your venue sets the entire tone of your wedding, dictates a very large portion of your budget and even plays into the style of attire you and your fiance will wear. So choose wisely! We have some of the finest venues in the area available so that you can book your tour and see the spaces in person.


A great DJ can make a great party even greater. They will bring appropriate equipment (no, your buddy with and iPod does not count as appropriate) and AV knowledge to avoid any mishaps. As you move through the show you'll get to hear a few and chat with them about availability and pricing.


So, your officiant is really the only thing you actually NEED to get married. I know flowers are exciting and pretty but make sure you get your officiant first!


Your photographers and videographers are going to be about 5 feet away from you your whole wedding day, so you better like them as people as much as you like their work. You'll get to meet photographers with different styles and personalities and can book coffee meetings to get to know them better.


If you don't send invitations you're not going to have any guests at your wedding, which would save on the liquor costs but probably not what you're going for, so stop by the stationery area and make sure you book a consult to get those designed.


You will be able to experience a hot shave and discuss grooming options for you wedding day. 

Hair stylists and make up artists will be on site offering mini trials on a first come first serve basis and if you like how you look you could even book them on the spot. One more thing checked off the list!


Wether you are looking for something custom or just need a little help putting your look together, you could leave with your suit all figured out, or at least started, and as they say, well begun is half done! To ensure a personal experience we are asking that you book your free consultation in advance.


It's a bar. You buy drinks there.


Ok! Now it's time for the dress! We know it's the first thing you want to do, but it's wise to wait till you have a few other things figured out so you're not in a sheath dress at a castle or a ballgown on the beach. In our boutique area you'll be able to try on and buy if you want to! If you want to try on we ask that you book a free consultation in advance to ensure your spot.


Guests only remember wedding food if it's really good or really bad...make sure it's the former. Both venues and caterers will be offering samples to give you an idea of the possibilities. 


You just finished all those food tasting so of course you need dessert to follow it up!


You'll get to see great florist displaying their styles side by side so that you can make the choice that works best for your vision!


Designers, decorators, rental companies and even florists have collaborated to create different tablescapes to inspire you. Each table will also have a list of each item on the table, where you can get it and how much it is. Ideas are just ideas until you know how you can make them happen.  


You'll need to get around on your wedding day and you really don't want to be driving yourself! These guys can help with that!


So what exactly is a vendor concierge? Well we've made it our goal to provide you information and resources that will actually help you plan your wedding. So if you've made it through the whole show and somehow managed to not get anything out of it (maybe you were sleep walking?) we have one last opportunity to get something valuable into your hands. Let us know your date and the vendors you need and we'll give you a list of all the reputable vendors in city who are available. Yes, we're making the calls...yes, it will be a lot of work. But nothing but the best for you!