Engaged was designed by two Calgary wedding planners whose goal was to create a large scale event that would educate couples on how to plan their wedding by providing an environment where they can engage with local vendors and gather tips, information, and knowledge to suit their individual wedding needs.

Jasmine started Reflections in 2007; Monica worked with her there as a planner from 2010 to 2015 and then started out on her own with Picture Perfect. Throughout their time in the industry they both have participated in many trade show style wedding expos and always found the experience to be overwhelming not only for themselves but also for the couples in attendance.

In 2014 they started dreaming up ideas for how a wedding show could be less overwhelming and more purposeful. After much research, brainstorming sessions and more than a few bottles of wine, Engaged was born...then came the hard part, all the planning!

2018 was the first annual Engaged event!

Contact us at: info@engagedweddingshow.ca